Sleep Siren

Sweet Dreams Luxury Gift Set


Sending a gift to someone you love is a special way to let someone know you care and support connection during these difficult times. 

We've created a bundle of our best-selling bedtime products to help your loved one get much needed rest and relaxation. 

Save 10% on RRP with this luxurious bedtime bundle!

Each bundle includes:

Rosie Sugden Cashmere Bed socks - £35

Sent straight from the heavens (alright, the Scottish Borders), these sumptuously soft bed socks will have you counting down to bedtime! A real treat for your feet.

Bramley Sleep Spray, 100ml - £16

When paired with lavender and chamomile, this trio of essential oils each bring a distinct profile: chamomile to calm a weary mind, yarrow to restore mental clarity, and lavender to lull you into a restful sleep.

Spacemasks (Box of five) - £15

Grab your space suit, you're heading on a journey of galactic relaxation. Spacemasks are the sleep mask of the future. These clever heating eye masks release a gentle warmth and a soft Jasmine smell that is sure to send you straight to planet Calm. Feel it warm and start to mellow. Let go of the day's worries and float away. The heat will last around 15-20 minutes after putting it on, somethings longer.

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