Magnesium Gel


Calling all gym bunnies and yogis! A natural muscle relaxant, magnesium gel offers a highly targeted way of soothing tired and achy muscles whilst also supporting deep and restful sleep. Perfect for restless leg sufferers. 

How to use:

  • Apply a small pea sized amount and massage well into the skin to stimulate absorption.
  • After a shower or bath is a great time to apply as the skin is warm and the pores are open which aids absorption
  • Apply anywhere on the body avoiding delicate areas such as the eyes
  • Ideal for use on aching joints and muscles.

        Finer Details:

        • Suitable for use when pregnant and breastfeeding
        • Natural source
        • Suitable for vegetarians
        • Free from pollutants
        • Free from heavy metals

        A pea-sized amount of gel delivers a minimum of 100mg of easily absorbed elemental magnesium, with a teaspoon providing 500mg.