Hayo'u Method

Hayo’u Mineral Bath


Transform the way you bathe with the aromatic mineral bathing salts. A potent blend of nutrient rich Himalayan pink salt, rose quartz crystal, lotus flower and frankincense essential oils for an intoxicating and indulgent bathing ritual. 

Naturally paraben, SLS and SLES free. No mineral oils or perolatum. 

Jar of 500g / 17.63oz

Benefits of mineral bathing

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves circulation
  • Cleanses body and mind

How to use:

Dissolve two handfuls of minerals into warm water and immerse yourself for at least 20 minutes. 

Translating the wisdom and ingredients found in Chinese medicine, Hayo'u incorporates these into a unique and effective products. Explore more Hayo'u Collection here.