An age old solution for a modern problem

Established in 2019, Sleep Siren is Europe's first sleep and wellness boutique. Sleep is the most important factor in well being - more than diet, exercise and genetics - yet most of use aren’t getting near enough of it.

At Sleep Siren, we provide busy people with accessible information and a carefully curated product range of science-backed products (no fluff or snake oil here) to help you upgrade your sleep and fall back in love with bedtime. We want to provide poor-sleepers with meaningful support, a safe space for poor sleepers.

I have my finger on the pulse, finding the latest data and studies on sleep science to provide you with the most relevant education and product range. I search high and low to find only the best in sleep wellness from around the globe!

About the founder

A marketing maven and pun-slinger in the video-games industry, I was chronically sleep deprived. A home counties girl turned city slicker, I was making the most of my time in London - sleep was the last thing on my agenda and it was frequently bumped when a more appealing invite came along.

I was averaging a meagre five hours of sleep a night when my health took a nose dive and revealed an underlying chronic illness (Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobile type). Forced to choose between my career and my health, I hung up my marketing hat and turned towards my health.

A short break turned into a passion that turned into a career change. Four years on, I am a sleep behaviour coach with unrelenting passion and enthusiasm that can only come with being well slept! Raring to go and ready to lull the nation’s sleep challenged people back to good health.