A home counties girl turned city slicker, Sleep Siren founder Lily Boulle was chronically sleep deprived. A marketing maven and pun-slinger in the video-games industry, sleep was the last thing on her agenda and it was frequently bumped when a more appealing invite came along. She was averaging a meagre five hours of sleep each night. Then one night, in a moment of lucidity (or delirium), Lily had an idea. She would make her bedtime routine something to look forward to; a decadent and luxurious experience.

After months of trialing different routines and products, Lily was sleeping like a baby. Family & friends began commenting on her renewed energy. So she began making recommendations on how they could bring about healthier sleep habits. After a while, word of mouth spread and it quickly became clear that she needed to help more than just her family & friends. And so Sleep Siren was born, ready to lull the nation’s sleep challenged people back to good health.