The Sleepy Girl Behind the Brand

I’ve had a lot of questions from our lovely customers about myself and where the idea for Sleep Siren came from, so I thought I would say hello and share a bit more about how and why I want to make the world sleep better.

Three years ago I was working as a marketing consultant in the fast-paced video games industry. Between work events and social activities I was out almost seven nights a week. Sleep was the last thing on my agenda and I was averaging a measly four to five hours a night. On top of my hectic schedule I was quietly managing a health condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Every patient is different but for me it causes joint pain and dislocations throughout the day and night. ‘Painsomnia’, as it’s been coined by patients and professionals, meant that the few hours of sleep I was getting were far from restful. I was waking up tired, sluggish, and far from my best self.

Lily practicing her best Siren, circa 1990

Between a lack of sleep and a glut of pain, I wasn’t living my life - I was just chugging along in a sleepless haze. My work, friendships and relationship were all suffering for it. Then one night in a 3:00am moment of lucidity (or delirium), I had a realisation: this lifestyle was not going to be sustainable (or fun) over the long-term, and I had to make some big changes. I began devouring books, articles and blogs about sleep health and even attended a couple of classes. I learned a lot about the importance and benefits of good sleep health as well as the long-term risks of chronic sleep deprivation. I was quickly able to see where I had been going wrong.

I then made and followed a three-point plan of action which began with killing my afternoon caffeine habit and setting a strict bedtime (and sticking to it). For the third and most important prong of this plan I began introducing a calming and restorative bedtime routine that would make sleep an inviting luxury rather than a chore that ate into my busy days. I learned self-massage techniques and got some facial rollers. I bought and tried all the eye masks, pyjamas, and shearling slippers I could get my hands on in a quest to feel and sleep my best. I tried untold numbers of wonderful bath and beauty products to incorporate into the routine - all in the quest for the most blissful sleep imaginable. Pretty quickly, as I sought out the best products and created the most relaxing and sleep-inducing routine I could, even showering or putting on moisturiser became a moment of indulgence. I knew that not only was this good for my health and my waking hours, I was treating my body right for the first time in a long time, and I quickly felt the difference. My bedtime soon became a decadent and luxurious spa-like experience that I looked forward to.

Lily Boulle and the man behind the Sleepy Girl, Jordan 

I continued this for many months before I found the perfect routine that calmed my mind, washed away my worries, and left me sleeping like a baby. My pain lessened and, although it wasn’t gone, I was able to manage it better. Family & friends began commenting on my renewed energy. They were asking how they could make simple changes to improve their sleep. I wanted to sign-post them to a business but I was surprised to find there were none! I realised that, like me, there was an army of poor sleepers across the nation with no support. The seed of the company was planted and I really haven’t looked back since!

But Sleep Siren is much more than just a business for me. I started Sleep Siren because I really wanted to help people who are struggling with their sleep, even if they don’t realise they need help yet. Through education and a carefully curated product range, I’ve sought out the best products to put sleep back at the top of your ‘to do’ list. I hope that by creating a welcoming and supportive community built on strong foundations of health, wellness and great sleep, we can do that. We’re just at the beginning of what I hope will be an exciting adventure. And I’m so glad you’ve decided to join us for it!

Sweet dreams,


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