The Importance of Sleep

We spend almost third of our lives sleeping (or trying to!), but until recently scientists knew surprisingly little about why we lay down and switch our brains off for an average of eight hours every night. Besides making us feel refreshed, we now know that sleep “cleans” the brain, removing waste chemicals. We also know sleep facilitates our brain cells building connections which help us store the memories we have made throughout the day. As if that weren’t enough, sleep also helps:
  • restore the immune system
  • balance hormone levels
  • lower blood pressure 
  • boost mental wellbeing
  • raises sex drive (hubba hubba!)
  • increases fertility

In fact, sleep is now so well understood it has raised a further question: Are there any biological functions that don’t benefit from a good night’s sleep? Studies say no.

Modern society is built on the foundations of bad sleep hygiene. Long work hours, commuting, hours of screen time, a social life - we’re working hard to squeeze it all in and for most of us, sleep is what takes the hit. Many studies have linked lower levels of sleep with a surprising variety of health problems including obesity, diabetes, depression, and Alzheimer's. Besides those health issues, the more immediate impact of chronic sleep deprivation is lethargy, inability to concentrate, and generally feeling down.

But now for the good news: you can reduce the chances of those health complications mentioned above by taking the most widely used medicine in the world - sleep. By implementing a relaxing and restorative bedtime routine and sticking to it, you truly can have the best night’s sleep, every night. The sort of nights sleep that means you feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to take on the world. I hope through a combination of education and a carefully curated product range, we can support you towards better sleep and healthier sleep habits, freeing you up to live your best life. We’ll get there together, one night at a time.

- Sleep Siren HQ