Sleep Siren featured in InTheFrow Unboxing Video

We were very excited to be featured in InTheFrow's latest unboxing YouTube video. All products were chosen by Victoria, gifted by us.

You can watch the full video here, and see the products that lovely Victoria McGrath chose below:

1. Blown Glass Diffuser lamp

A relaxing environment is the first step to sleepy success. Place this beautifully hand-painted glass diffuser in any room to lift your mood, soothe your spirit and induce a deep sense of calm. Use the optional soft lighting to create a warm ambiance in any space.

2. Black and White Bamboo Pyjama Set

These light and breathable pyjama sets are made from comfy and natural bamboo to create dreamy comfort for hot-sleepers. Fresh white pyjama set with luxe black piping detail.

3. Jade Beauty Restorer Tool

Melt away tension and get your bedtime glow with the oldest newest kid on the block. Used in the ancient Chinese practice of Gua Sha, with just a few minutes a day this clever tool helps to: 

  • relieve tension and stress
  • promote better sleep
  • reduce inflammation

4. Lavender Essential Oil

Grown in an exquisitely beautiful and tranquil farm, high up in the mountains of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. A unique and pure therapeutic-grade Lavender Essential Oil sure to alleviate stress and support blissful sleep.

You can watch the full video below:

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