Hot Sleepers Handbook

You’re pretty hot stuff, quite literally. Humans are endotherms which means we have the incredible ability to constantly regulate our body temperature with a combination of heat production, absorption, and loss throughout the day and night. But there are a multitude of reasons why you might be too hot, with hormones unsurprisingly topping the charts. Having a bedroom environment or a base body temperature that is too warm can drastically affect your sleep quality. From periods to pregnancy and through to menopause, your hormones play a huge role in your body temperature throughout your life. Couple that with the fact that our body’s ability to thermoregulate is far less efficient during deep sleep, and shuts off entirely during REM sleep, many hot-sleepers find themselves on a never-ending quest for the cold side of the pillow or end up battling their duvet at 3am. Unsurprisingly this disturbs your sleep and can leave you feeling less than refreshed.

BUT - fear not hot sleepers - this can easily be fixed with the right materials and environment. Get ready to have that I’ve-had-the-best-night’s-sleep-possible feeling every day with our curated collection especially for hot sleepers. These will keep you as cool as a cucumber all night long.

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