Self Massage & Sleep: The Art of Gua Sha

Based on the ancient Chinese practice, Gua Sha has been used for hundreds of years. Despite this, modern studies have shown Gua Sha to be a powerful and effective way to unwind and rapidly relax. Particularly helpful for those suffering from chronic stress or anxiety, the simple motions have a far reaching benefits. These include: 

  • relieve tension and stress
  • promote better sleep
  • reduce inflammation
  • support renewal of skin cells
  • produce firmer, plumper and more radiant skin
  • improve blood circulation
  • smooth surface and reduce buildup in pores
  • aid headache relief

Explore all our Gua Sha tools here. Or keep reading to learn simple Gua Sha rituals.

Gua Sha Body Bedtime Ritual

Introducing Gua Sha practice into your bedtime routine can be a helpful way to calm the mind and soothe anxiety. Studies have shown this self-massage technique helps to stimulate the flow of blood and qi around your heart and lungs.

Evening Gua Sha facial ritual

Bedtime is an opportunity to slow down and indulge your senses. You can use your restorer tool to activate some of the acupressure points on your face to release tension and ease pain. 

Comb Ritual

The Beauty Restorer Comb is a fantastic tool to introduce into both morning and evening routines. Use first thing in the morning to stimulate your scalp and boost circulation. In the evening use the comb before bed, to stimulate the small muscles and nerves on your noggin, releasing tension and soothing the mind.


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