Phenomenal Women-Owned Brands

Here at Sleep Siren, we are proud to be women-owned and run. With International Women’s Day today, we wanted to shout about the wonderful ladies behind the women-owned brands available on Sleep Siren. So buckle up and get your follow-fingers at the ready!

Bramley (@BramleyProducts)

Inspired by the natural beauty and incredible therapeutic properties of plants, Chloë Luxton launched Bramley in 2009.

Chloë originally created the range exclusively for the Beckford Arms Pub in Wiltshire. Guests were quickly placing mail-orders and the business blossomed from there.

Eco-conscious Bramley are always working hard to improve their products and lessen their impact on the planet. They recently launched their new and improved bottles made from recyclable sugarcane waste. Pretty fantastic right?

Almost 10 years later, Bramley is still run by a team of phenomenal women who put their heart and soul into every bottle.

Chinti & Parker (@chintiandparker)

Chinti & Parker was founded by Anna Singh and Rachael Wood in 2009 in an effort to bring a new level of tactility to contemporary womenswear.

Based in London, Anna and Rachael made use of their strong backgrounds in fashion and beauty for their work on Chinti & Parker. They aimed to combine timeless techniques with a playful approach to their clothes, injecting colour and humour by using cashmere in distinctive new ways.

The brand uses the best and finest yarns to create collections shored up by sophisticated textures and designs with soul. The result is a classic-with-a-twist essence that feels like no other. It’s no surprise that some of the brand’s many loyal followers include big names like Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth, Poppy Delevingne, and Olivia Wilde.

From daywear to lounge, we simply can’t get enough of the trendy, luxe designs from this strong, female duo.

Kapara London (@KaparaLondon)

Resortwear and accessory brand Kapara is based both in London and Jaipur in northern India, where it manufactures its colourful and elegant collections. Besides making gorgeous beachwear and sleepwear, the brand also supports local communities in Jaipur and works alongside a women’s empowerment programme that teaches women from the slums how to sew, and provides them with employment.

Kapara has also set up two foundations working with children in the area. The first of these, The Rucksack Project, provides clothes and rucksacks for the boys of the Taabar Street Children Shelter. The shelter aims to rehabilitate the boys, rebuilding their confidence and teaching them basic English, maths and Hindi and to ultimately find their families.

Weaving the Future is Kapara’s second social enterprise, in collaboration with arihant arts, which provides school materials for non-government funded schools. Through the brand’s accessories sales they buy or make items such as tables, chairs, books and computers.

As if creating the dreamiest sleepwear wasn’t enough, Daisy and the Kapara team have set their sights on changing the world as well! Empowered women, empowering women and changing the future.

Olivia von Halle (@Oliviavonhalle)

Olivia von Halle founded her eponymous brand in 2011 after working with a tailor to design herself the perfect pair of pyjamas, inspired by the lounging pyjamas Coco Chanel and her peers wore in the 1920s.

Based in London, the brand takes inspiration from timeless styles such as the classic silk pyjama and re-invents these archetypal pieces to create something new and exceptional - whilst also blurring the line between nightwear and ready-to-wear.

After initially launching with a single style - the ‘Lila’ - Olivia von Halle continued to add new styles of pyjama to the collection, and also expanded it with a wide range of robes, kimonos, nightshirts and eye masks. Their styles are frequently worn by celebrities like Selena Gomez, Alexa Chung, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Poppy Delevingne.

Olivia von Halle has reintroduced timeless loungewear to the modern zeitgeist once again and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Olivia and her company.

PIU Lifestyle (@piulifestyle)

Modern loungewear brand Più was designed for people who want to be both chic and comfortable (isn’t that all of us?). The result is loungewear so chic that you’ll want to wear it out!

Più was founded by Gabriella and Valerie - two friends who share a passion for beautiful and functional clothing as well as a love for pyjamas. Every piece in the Più collection is inspired by Gabriella and Valerie’s love for travel and exposure to a variety of cultures. Each element of the brand’s products are meticulously chosen to create the best - from the fabric to the buttons, and the cuts down to the trimming. By opting for clever sweat-wicking bamboo fabric, they have also created the perfect pyjama for all those sticky, hot summer nights.

We think Più is the perfect illustration of the kind of magic that happens when two best friends have an idea.

Rosie Sugden (@rosiesugdencashmere)

Scotland-based Rosie Sugden founded her eponymous label in 2011, combining the innate natural beauty of Scottish cashmere with her distinct take on modern design alongside top-quality craftsmanship. Rosie’s designs reflect art, fashion and cultural influences often drawn from her surroundings, such as the rolling hills of Scotland or the striking landscapes of countries she has visited.

This wonderful brand is working to solve the problem of the use-once-and-throw-away culture of much modern fashion - instead focusing on creating built-to-last products you will love for years to come. All the cashmere used is dyed and spun in Scotland, supporting their local industry.

The epitome of hygge, we’re already counting down the days to winter where we can wear their cosy cashmere bed socks 24/7!

Violet & Wren (@violetandwren)

After a decade of work in womenswear, print design and pattern cutting, best friends Louise and Helen came together in 2015 to create Violet & Wren. This British, botanical loungewear brand combines Louise and Helen’s skills with their love of florals to create distinct contemporary designs.

Violet & Wren’s design marries fresh, sports-inspired silhouettes with stunning hand-rendered botanical prints in fresh and clean colour palettes. The result is unique collections that take lounge and sleepwear and turn them into luxury fashion staples. All of Violet & Wren’s pieces are lovingly designed with distinct hand-painted prints. They are developed and fitted at the brand’s studios in the gardens of England.

Any Sherlock Holmes’ out there will note Violet and Wren aren’t currently available on Sleep Siren. That’s because this incredible brand will be launching on Sleep Siren with the SS19 collection - expected in a matter of days! Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.

Jessica Russell Flint (@Jessicarussellflint)

Jessica Russell Flint, another British designer and illustrator to make our list, creates beautiful and unique pieces that we at Sleep Siren HQ just can’t resist. Her hand-drawn, hand-painted, illustrated pieces include ready-to-wear silk clothing, pyjamas, homewares, and accessories.

Jessica mixes contemporary colours with themes inspired by British Heritage and eye-catching design. This formidable mix makes up the brand’s distinct ethos: making the most of life, embracing colour, and thinking outside of the box. The brand goes by the motto 'Life in Colour'. With this, Jessica manages to create products and designs inspired by a love for colour and texture. The range is constantly updated and each creation is limited edition, keeping it uniquely fresh. Constantly evolving their product range and pushing her quirky illustrations to the next level, we can’t wait to see what’s coming next from JRF!

Neighbourhood Botanical (@neighbourhoodbotanicals)

Micaela Nisbet was born and raised on the beaches of Australia, later moving to England in pursuit of her music career. After finding that mainstream skincare products were packed with plastic fillers whilst also carrying eye-watering price tags, Micaela turned her hand to blending her own raw oils and extracts.

She took an Advanced Diploma of Organic Skincare Formulation, complementing the techniques and skills she had fostered herself at an early age - and went on to found Neighbourhood Botanicals. And we’re so grateful she did, because her range of oil-based skincare products smell gorgeous whilst also providing a delicate touch for those of us with sensitive skin.

Each oil blend is carefully designed to integrate aroma-therapeutics with a harmonious and beautifully balanced scent profile. As well as being a self-described lifelong perfume devotee, Micaela continues her live music career, mixing dreamy natural oils by day and hits by night.


These phenomenal women have all broken the mould to create unique companies. We can't wait to see what the future holds for all them!

Lily x