Mindfulness as beneficial to mental health as exercise, Cambridge study finds

A Cambridge University study has found that mindfulness is as efficient at improving our mental health as other activities like physical exercise.

Mindfulness as a therapy isn't new but the hard data to back up the impact of it as a treatment option has been lacking until now. The randomised controlled trial looked at nearly 12,000 patients across 136 countries and finally answered some important questions.

The study confirmed what many have believed for years: Mindfulness is equally as beneficial to our mental health as exercise, and far more impactful than simply doing nothing.

What does this mean? 

For decades, exercise has been one of the main recommendations to help those suffering with anxiety and depression, along with talking therapies and medication. However, it isn't an accessible option for everyone. For people living with physical disabilities, or people who might be unable to go outside such as those in lockdown.

This new data will validate long-standing anecdotal evidence and can help support the creation of new guidance and treatment regimes that may be offered to those suffering with anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. 

How to practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation where you tune into your senses and emotions and acknowledge them without judgement.

Mindfulness can take many forms - journaling, creating art, healthy eating, mindful nature walks - but most often, it takes the form of mindful meditation. In this practice, you find a comfortable position sitting or laying down and follow a routine to slowly and quietly draw attention to your breathing, thoughts and body. Some popular examples include Body Scan, Leaves on a stream, and Loving-Kindness meditations.

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