Interview with Lily Silverton, Wellbeing Coach & Podcaster

Many of you will know the wonderful Lily Silverton from the dreamy bedtime body scan she did for us some weeks ago.

Today I are very proud and excited to announce our sponsorship for Lily's wonderful new podcast, Priorities.⁠

In this series, Lily will be speaking with amazing range of people across a diverse slice of society. She starts her journey with @Jolyonrubs - a BAFTA award-winning filmmaker and activist. You definitely don't want to miss out on this thought-provoking series. 
Ahead of the launch, we managed to turn the table and speak to Lily about her priorities in life, what makes her tick and how it shapes the space she lives in.

Q. How did your journey with meditation and wellness begin?
A. Young! I started hatha yoga at 12, which incorporated quite a bit of meditation and breathwork, and I’ve practiced on and off ever since. I’ve always been interested in “wellness”, but definitely didn’t lead a very “well” life for a long time - I worked at fashion magazines for 10 years and that involved a lot of partying and very little sleep or food. I also suffered from poor mental health for my teens and most of my twenties, and it was actually a daily meditation practice that truly shifted that.

I think wellness is a really interesting concept though - our idea of it is very interlinked with how someone or something looks, however I know a lot of wellbeing influences who may look the picture of “wellness” but whose lives don’t match up. And vice-versa - in my work with amputees I come across a lot of people who wouldn’t be used to sell an organic supplement, but who are healthy and very “well”. Wellness looks so different from person to person, and I wish that was portrayed and spoke about more. 

Lily silverton

Q. What gave you the idea for Priorities Podcast?

A. It’s something I’ve had on the backburner for a while - I came up with the idea not long after my daughter was born but it took me a year to muster up the courage to just do it! Actually the idea is very linked to this idea of wellbeing - I’m obsessed with what makes us well and healthy, and how it can look different from person to person. As a coach I work a lot on defining and realigning priorities with my clients, and it seems to me that what and how you prioritise dictates the rest of your life. And then I figured that if I was interested in knowing about  peoples’ priorities then hopefully others would be too!
Q. You’ve got some amazing guests for season one. Do you have any favourite episodes or moments we should listen out for?
A. I’m not allowed to say until they come out! Plus, you can’t choose a favourite child :) But yes, I’m really excited and honoured that so many of my first season guest choices said yes - it’s a very diverse group of people and they give truly brilliant insights that I’m looking forward to sharing.

Q. What are your top priorities?

A. Sleep, my family (I have a 15 month old), and right now, my physical health. I had a difficult pregnancy (I had severe insomnia and because I’m hypermobile, the relaxin hormone that is so essential for childbirth adversely affected my hip joints leaving me in constant pain/unable to practice yoga) so I’m slowly starting to get my strength and joint stability back. 
Of course my ultimate priority is my mental health, however I find that if I have those 3 things covered then my mental health takes care of itself. Sleep is honestly huge for me, my daughter is an early riser (normally up by 6am latest) so getting into bed early is non-negotiable. Ideally I’d be in bed by 8.30pm and then read for an hour or so, but life doesn’t always work out that way.

Q. You’ve got a young child and a growing business. How do you manage to stay on top of your own priorities?
A. My partner is incredibly supportive, which makes everything a bit easier. During lockdown we’ve been going en-mass as a family to the park and we’ll work out/practice yoga while she runs about and plays with a ball. Sleep I’m pretty obsessed with, and that’s easier during lockdown as no-one is asking me to go anywhere late at night! I try to be strict with work and not do any on Saturdays (although I’m a bit of a workaholic and often I have to force myself to stay away - I think it’s what happens when you run your own business, you never ‘leave’ the office!)
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Q. And of course, we have to ask about sleep! How do you sleep?
A. Haha, slightly answered above. I LOVE sleep, but my sleep quality goes up and down. I’ve suffered from insomnia on and off for most of my life and had very severe insomnia during the second half of my pregnancy which completely threw me. Eventually the doctors put me on sleeping pills (safe, very low dose) as they were concerned I wouldn’t have enough energy to deal with a baby when she arrived! Annoyingly I’ve always been a light sleeper, but since my daughter arrived my sleep is even lighter (I guess I’m now constantly on alert!) At the moment I’m sleeping well, which is a joy. Everything in life is better and easier to handle when you sleep well. Having a baby made me truly understand why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!

Q. What is your typical bedtime routine?

A. I turn my computer off and phone onto airplane mode at 8pm (something I recommend to all the coaching clients I work with!) and am generally in bed by 9.30  I read the New Yorker or do a word puzzle to help my brain unwind. A yoga session or a bath before all that is an added luxury. I spray my bed with the Bramley sleep mist. And I’m a big fan of expensive sheets from The White Company. Often I’ll practice some deep belly breathing or guide myself through a sleep meditation to help myself fall asleep. I get up early with my daughter, and I often teach in the mornings so I prefer feeling rested and ready for the day. 
We're so excited to be working with Lily on her amazing new podcast. If you want to engage more with Lily, she hosts amazing 15-Minute Mindful Moments every Mon/Weds/Fri at 8.15am on Instagram Live. These sessions are Lily’s unique method of combining bodywork, breathwork, meditation and coaching tips to leave students feeling calm, invigorated and connected.
You can follow Lily on Instagram, website and subscribe to her podcast

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