Four Reasons Why Autumn is the Ultimate Season for Sleep

After another sweltering London summer, I’ve been counting down to the shorter days and crisp air of Autumn. I won't hold it against you if Autumn isn’t your favourite season (well, maybe a little). But I will try to tell to you why Autumn is in fact the best season for sleep.

1. Stop All the Clocks

That’s right ladies and gentleman. This Sunday (27th October) it’s the most wonderful time of the year: the clocks are going back! One extra hour of sweet, sweet slumber. It’s more than just slothful though: studies have shown your risk of heart attack drops by 21% when we gain an hour in Autumn, compared to an increase by 24% when we lose an hour in Spring! 

2. Take a Chill Pill

For ideal sleep, your bedroom should be a few degrees colder than you like it. Our bodies need a cool 16 - 18°C environment to achieve deep, restful sleep.⁠ During the summer, the increased temperature outdoors makes it much harder to achieve this optimum sleep temperature indoors. More than just changing leaves, Autumn brings with it a cooler average temperature which supports better sleep.

3. Get Your Hygge On

In the summer months, it’s hard to turn down a sunny evening in a pub garden sipping on a chilled rose. But as the days shorten, Autumn gives us the freedom to pass on the pub and head home. The season of roaring fires, fluffy blankets and cosy evening cuddles is upon us.

4. Magic in the air

Thats right, there’s a word for that beautiful change in the seasons.
That delicious way nature and the weather begins to feel in Autumn. Cool frosty mornings, crunching leaves, crackling fires, cozy sweaters, wind-chapped cheeks: That’s rudeneja.


Do you sleep better in Autumn? Let us know in the comments below! 

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