Six Stellar Uses for Spacemasks

Sent from the stars for stellar relaxation, the award winning Spacemasks are definitely here for the long haul. These nifty self-heating disposable eye masks - which are proving to be like catnip for bad sleepers all over the UK - have really hit the headlines in the last week. 

So how do they work? The masks work by a thin layer of iron filings entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air - making them safe and natural. The jasmine fragrance is thought to increase levels of the neurotransmitter GABA, helping to control the nervous system and induce sleep. The ever so relaxing jasmine is in a low concentration, so it can be enjoyed without irritating the skin.

People are finding more and more genius uses for them, from insomnia to migraines. So we’ve collected our six of our favourites here to give you some inspiration!


 Who else can totally relate to chloelovestoshop on Instagram?!


1. Insomnia

Not just for those seeking a better nights sleep - Space Masks are also great for those who struggle to drift off in the first place! A problem for many insomniacs is the inability to focus on anything but sleep. How much (or little) they're going to get. What the next night will be like. Will their insomnia ever cease. The mental marathon can be as exhausting as missing sleep itself. It’s for that reason that Spacemasks have been hailed as the next best insomnia cure. The gentle heat calms you, drawing your attention away from anxious and persistent thoughts. Whilst the jasmine envelops you, encouraging you into a deep and restfull sleep. Described by one customer as being “like magic”, working Spacemasks into our pre-bedtime routine is the kind of voodoo we can get behind!

2. Headache and Migraines

Anyone who has ever had a migraine will know how crippling they are - they can make you want crawl under a duvet and disappear. But before you do that, try these - the heat from space masks has been shown to relieve stress behind the eyes and reduce the tension building up, two common symptoms of migraines. More and more Spacemasks users have been sharing their experiences of how good the masks are for beating migraines and tension headaches - with many describing them as “lifesavers”.



3. Sleep, Meditation & Relaxation

Space masks are fantastic for relaxation - just put one of these self heating beauties on and take a 15 minute holiday from the stress of everyday life. A perfect pairing for mindfulness practice, some people like to use Spacemasks during a Headspace or similar meditation sessions. This customer found Space Masks were a big help when she needed to unwind from planning her wedding.

4. Anxiety

Space Masks are great when you're feeling some anxiety, such as before a big event, pre-exam jitters, nervous flyers and more. Both the box they come in and the foil that Space Masks are wrapped in are recyclable, cruelty-free, vegan and the masks themselves are made of cotton - so no anxiety about their impact on the planet. As a nervous flyer, I can’t travel without Spacemasks anymore. They are the perfect distraction while I count down the minutes to landing! 

5. Just because

Arguably the best reason of all, sometimes you just deserve a treat! 


However you choose to use your star-spangled masks, enjoy every single minute. 

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