Dream Team Bedtime Ritual

Sent from the heavens to save your sleep, the ultimate dream team has arrived! Based on my personal bedtime routine, when this dream-team is brought together they create a bedtime ritual fit for an angel. Here to help soak, soothe, and massage your way straight to dreamland. 

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I follow this simple bedtime ritual every night, increasing or decreasing the length of each step based on how busy my day has been, and how much pampering I need. I hope from my ritual you can create a calming and restorative bedtime routine that helps you get the best sleep, every night. So you can wake up refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world every single day.

‘Dream Team’ Bedtime Ritual
Step 1. Put on your birthday suit and slip into a bath or shower 
Soothe your mind and melt away the day with Bramley chamomile, lavender and geranium essential oils. This skin-softening oil can be massaged directly onto skin in the shower. Or drizzle into a running bath for a calming soak.

Step 2. Massage away the days aches and pains.
This multi-tasking miracle oil can be used on the body to soften and moisturise, or as a massage oil for a relaxing ritual. A 'hug in a bottle', the sedative Sweet Lullaby is sure to quiet even the weariest of minds. Sweet orange, warming vanilla, and French lavender will embrace you and carry you to sleep-filled lands afar. 

Step 3. Put your face on.
This botanical beauty is a heady affair. Scent notes of flowers and spice, this delicious oil contains essential fatty acids and vitamins to regenerate skin whilst you dream, dream, dream. Simply warm a few drops of this velvety-smooth facial oil in your palm and gently massage onto clean, dry skin, smoothing over your face, neck and décolletage. 

Step 4. Dust your pillow and inhale deeply.
The lavender, yarrow and chamomile essential oils inside this dreamy Bramley pillow spray each bring a distinct profile: chamomile to calm a weary mind, yarrow to restore mental clarity, and lavender to lull you into a restful sleep. This blend creates an intoxicating harmony of relaxation.
Step 5. Close your eyes and drift off to dreamland.
After an evening of pampering, you should now be in a state of total bliss and ready to be blanketed in slumber. 

We hope this bedtime ritual brings you sleepy success. Share your #bedtimebliss pictures on Instagram and tag @SleepSiren for a chance to win a £50 Sleep Siren gift card!

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