Busy Mummy Handbook

Sleep (or lack of it) plays a crucial role throughout motherhood. From pregnancy to an empty nest, mothers and sleep are like an old married couple: constantly bickering but ultimately reliant on each other. Whatever the age or stage of your brood, restful and undisturbed sleep probably feels like a distant memory. On top of that, we have to balance motherhood, a career, social life, family time, kids schedules, exercise, cooking, running the household (I could go on) and so much more. It’s no surprise that come bedtime, a lot of mothers struggle to wind down and catch those elusive zzz’s.

Well-meaning phrases like “when baby sleeps, mummy sleeps” are all good and well, but what happens if mummy can’t? At Sleep Siren, we believe introducing a luxurious wind-down routine is essential. We want to wrap you in rituals, envelop you in luxury and blanket you in slumber.  We’ve carefully curated these products to help you quieten the chaos and rapidly relax. We may not be able to help the screaming toddler but we can certainly help you sleep!

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