Why sleep matters

Modern society is built on the foundations of poor sleep. Long work hours, commuting, hours of screen time, a social life - we’re working hard to squeeze it all in and for most of us, sleep is what takes the hit.

The laundry list life-shortening illnesses linked to sleep loss prove one thing: the shorter your sleep is, the shorter your life span.

the big plan

Our vision

Sleep is Mother Nature’s cure all and is the foundation for good health. By building a community with sleep and wellness at its heart, we hope to create a happier, healthier society.

We want to create a space for accessible sleep education and meaningful support. A safe space for poor sleepers, and a resource for anyone wanting to improve their sleep. 

The solution

At Sleep Siren, we know the cure lies in cultivating healthy sleep habits and introducing a restorative bedtime routine. Climbing into bed and drifting off should be the final step of your routine - not the only step.

Like a mother swaddles her newborn, we want to envelop you in luxury, wrap you in rituals and allow you to fully soak up the splendour of a good night’s sleep, every night. 




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